GeospatialWorld: Insurance helps reduce risk from flooding for Asia’s vulnerable rural smallholders

Distribution of “dummy” check to flood insurance eligible farmers from Muzaffarpur District, Bihar

Farmers who took part in a high-tech flood insurance scheme in Bihar, India, shared a total payout of INR 7.52 lakhs (USD $10,500) following the 2019 monsoon. The season, which runs from June to September, brought devastating floods to large parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal. In Bihar, 13 districts were affected, including Muzaffapur, where the insurance trial was conducted during July. Two hundred and sixty nine households in Katara and Gaighat blocks were insured through the scheme, paying a total premium of INR 338,843 (USD $4,462). Farmers from 150 of these households received payouts, enabling them to repair their homes and replant crops quickly.

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