To develop remote sensing products for IBFI that can accurately depict yield loss in smallholder farming due to weather and/or other perils, and be scalable in insurance schemes delivered at micro and meso levels.

A multi-disciplinary approach brings together various activities to help understand the complex issue of flood and disaster recovery.


How the concept works


Where are we working

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Project outputs

  • Proof-of-concept on IBFI coupled with the fl­ood hazard model and remote sensing (RS) data in selected districts of South Asian countries.
  • Digital fl­ood mapping tool to monitor and quantify the impact of fl­oods on crops, and its application in insurance schemes.
  • Design and pilot test a set of farmer-friendly ­flood insurance contracts for at least three districts with a considerable number of marginalized female farmers/poor people to ensure contracts are not gender biased.
  • Obtaining and Incorporating feedback from officials/staff of insurance regulatory authorities in countries, operating insurance companies, meteorological agencies, agricultural research institutions, micro-finance institutions or NGOs, and relevant government agencies (e.g., ministries involved with disaster management, water resources, and agriculture).
  • Policy and institutional guidelines for the implementation of fl­ood insurance.

Comparative analysis of the cost-effectiveness of RS-based index insurance compared to traditional methods, and estimating the potential in other parts of the target countries.